Sometimes plans don’t work out, and it can be the best thing in the world.  You can see here that we are creating a custom stair way leading to a roof deck with an amazing view of the hill country.  Originally the architect had proposed a set of stairs leading right to left to a platform, then it would double back and go left to right to the roof.  When we saw that the rise over run calculation wouldn’t work, we had to start exploring the route of spiral stairs.  Personally, my only complaint was that the spiral stairs had a tight helical radius so we pursued other options.  We came up with the idea of doing a stacked cube like you see here.  It is in the early stages but once the railing gets put on it will look like four levels of cubes stacked on top of each other.  I may even light it up, not sure yet.  The biggest benefit is we get a full six foot radius to step up and I like the fact that you don’t see this everyday- if ever.  I always tell people that I build for that your home will be the first and last time we ever build it.  Translation, let’s do something special and creative that no one else has.  Little things like this turn into blessings and if you have the right attitude building can be a wonderful and rewarding experience throughout every architectural turn.  When this gets done I’ll post some photographs but I promise you it will be a stunner.  Keep your mind working in overdrive because there’s always a way, now let’s go build something.