Construction Tips

November 2017

How to Install Thin Brick


One of the great things about wall cladding is it gives a room instant character.  One of my favorite types of wall cladding is veneer, or thin brick.  If you purchase thin brick, it can get pretty expensive because all the cutting is done for you.  If you are operating more on a budget, you [...]

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July 2015

Flagstone Turned Sideways


Haven't done this before.  By this I mean the rock treatment you see here.  Sidebar, I love this photo don't you?  What you are looking at is a painstaking process where we took a flagstone Oklahoma blend stone, all very thinly cut and flipped them horizontally in a dry stack pattern.  Dry stacking is an [...]

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April 2015

Setting up a Driveway


Never underestimate the importance of a driveway.  Here is a shot of a recent driveway setup just prior to pour and I want to give you just a few tips to think about because it can make a big difference on your family's experience. Slope- calculated by rise over run.  Simply take the the height [...]

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March 2015

February 2015

December 2014

3D Printing


Had my first experience with 3D printing recently.  You may already know but 3D printing is projected to transform our lives in the relative near future.  The technology uses CAD files to create a 3D model out of a polymer which is probably not earth shattering to you.  What is amazing it where it's going [...]

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October 2014

Where to Start When Building a New Home?


Before you place your house on a lot, you have to know it.  When I say know it, I mean every contour and every tree.  The contours are important because every line of movement you can avoid can save tens of thousands of dollars.  Every tree is important because of feasibility of placement and drainage. [...]

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Giving Back- Interns


Meet Jacob our intern from UTSA Construction Science program.  Here's a hint, he's the much younger one.  He and I were admiring each other's sunglasses so we switched and took photos of each other just messing around at lunch the other day.  He is so much fun and has a great sense [...]

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August 2014

This is Where it Starts


Before you ever start plans you purchase the land.  The lot purchase is such an exciting time because anything is possible.  One of the first key elements we do at Mattern & FitzGerald is assist people to figure out what the best way is to physically place the house on the lot.  We call it [...]

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May 2014

Choosing a Tile Roof


Look at this picture closely.  This is our current model home entry and I wanted today to share a little story that was behind the scenes regarding the roof.  First of all, this is a French Country home, so the emphasis is placed on details with respect to the roof and the [...]

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