Meet Jacob our intern from UTSA Construction Science program.  Here’s a hint, he’s the much younger one.  He and I were admiring each other’s sunglasses so we switched and took photos of each other just messing around at lunch the other day.  He is so much fun and has a great sense of humor.  We started nick-naming him Jake the Snake and now, we just refer to him as “Snake”.  I met Snake a couple of years ago at a UTSA internship seminar and he stood out amongst the 200 other kids that I met.  He was so personable, kind, eager and displayed a humility and hunger that we look for .  He asked if he could help us by digging ditches, cleaning, whatever and I was just blown away- he was so different.  We started by letting him open and close our model over the weekend and after a period of time he morphed into one of our project managers at an entry level.  His energy is always up and he gives us an opportunity to mold someone vs. changing habits.  The best part is we get to give back to San Antonio and support our academic system by helping out these kids and giving them a chance to take an alternative route than most of their buddies.  We have been blessed by his presence and looking forward to more opportunities to recruit in the future.