We are a very process driven company. It is difficult to build a consistent process for custom homes, since by definition each home is different. But that is exactly what we have done! We have built a process that allows us to deliver consistent, quality homes on time and on budget, without surprises. We have been able to develop this process because we run our business like a business, not out of a pickup truck. We are extremely organized, which has allowed us to grow to 25-30 custom homes per year, making us one of the largest custom home builders by volume in the greater San Antonio area. You have to have exceptional processes in place to manage this many projects day in and day out, while ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.


We are heavily involved in the building process from the very beginning. We go out with clients and walk lots and discuss the various pros and cons of each homesite. We are happy to attend all design meetings with you to offer input and guidance and to help ensure that your project stays in budget while still following your vision. We see situations all the time where a client has asked for a change to the design, such as a larger closet. For the architect this is a small modification and only costs you a fraction in design fees. But when you go to build you discover that the change has a huge impact on the cost of building the home, due to construction issues the architect was not concerned about. By involving ourselves in the design process, we save our clients many thousands of dollars by identifying design elements that are not cost effective and helping you and your architect find alternatives that meet your goals and your budget.


Our web-based project management software has allowed us to build homes for clients as far away as Africa! It not only allows us to keep track of all the many details involved in building your custom home, it allows us to do it in a way that is exceptionally transparent! You know at all times the status and cost of your home. Most importantly, we have built a tool that creates a level of communication that is outstanding and not often seen in the construction business. All of the people that are involved on your project are involved in every conversation about the project. The appliance people talk directly to the cabinet people to make sure everything fits, and the electrician and plumber know every little change and how it affects them, and they each can interject input on how to improve all aspects of your home in real time! Because everyone is talking to everyone, with a clear paper trail of the entire conversation, nothing gets lost.


When building your custom home, we are wholly transparent. The price is clear. All aspects of the budget are clearly explained. We want you to understand both the price and the costs, so there are no unpleasant surprises. You should have complete confidence in the building process, knowing that you are getting quality materials and workmanship…neither we nor our sub-contractors are cutting corners. Nor are we trying to squeeze out an extra few dollars of profit, because the profit has been set from the beginning. Your home will not go over budget, unless you are the one who decides to do so. We understand that just about every home gets changed at some point. When you do want to discuss a change, we give you an estimate up front, before any work starts. If approved, we guarantee the price of the change, and the new total price of the home. You will always know exactly what your home will cost.


We are extremely fair and credible people, according to our partners, our clients and even our competitors. We build every house as if it was our own, and we live in the communities in which we build. We don’t hide from our clients, and in fact love running into them at the grocery store or restaurant! We set up clear expectations at the beginning of each project. We stay involved through each stage from site selection through design, and of course, construction. We manage the process with incredible attention to detail, with an unparalleled level of transparency, and in the end, we deliver the home we promised, on time, on budget and to your expectations.

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We believe that chemistry is an important part of doing business. That’s why we take the time to meet potential clients, get to know them a little and let them get to know us. We would be happy to sit down together with you to discuss your vision and how we can help to bring it to life.

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