We are committed to maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction because it is critical to our success. The custom home building community is a fairly small world and word gets around. If you are fair to your sub-contractors, the trade knows about it. If you are a quality builder who treats others with respect, the industry knows about it. And of you have a reputation of taking care of your customers before, during and after the sale, potential clients will learn about it. We believe our success is directly tied to how we treat our customers. We believe having a strong commitment to your satisfaction with your home and the process by which it is built is simply the best way to do business.


The home building process can be a very stressful experience. We do our best to reduce that stress as much as possible. A key factor to stress reduction is responsive customer service. We pride ourselves in our ability to respond to your questions and concerns in a timely manner, whether it is a budgeting issue, a design issue a construction issue, or a warranty issue. We want your experience to be positive from start to finish. And we have found that open, honest communication is the key to ensuring your comfort and satisfaction with the building process and with your home ownership experience. The entire team at Mattern & FitzGerald, including our trade partners, is focused on providing responsive customer service before, during and after the building process.


At Mattern & FitzGerald we know the level of quality we bring to each home we build, and as a result we are confident standing behind our product. We don’t hide from our clients after we close on your home, in fact our principals and many of our team members live in the neighborhoods where we build, so we run into our clients every day. And we are happy to see them. We know they are satisfied with their homes, and they know that if they have questions or concerns we will take the time to talk to them and resolve the issue. This does not mean that we are going to fix every problem that arises for the life of the house, but if it is a warranty item will we take care of it in a timely manner, and if not, we will help find a solution.

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We believe that chemistry is an important part of doing business. That’s why we take the time to meet potential clients, get to know them a little and let them get to know us. We would be happy to sit down together with you to discuss your vision and how we can help to bring it to life.

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