October 2016

Using technology to help serve better


Back when the rains were heavy earlier this year we literally spent 25% of our time responding to water overwhelming aspects of construction that aren't equipped to handle certain flows of water in a shortened amount of time.  These photos are of a real live trouble shooting that we did to determine [...]

Using technology to help serve better2018-08-06T07:41:50-05:00

December 2014

3D Printing


Had my first experience with 3D printing recently.  You may already know but 3D printing is projected to transform our lives in the relative near future.  The technology uses CAD files to create a 3D model out of a polymer which is probably not earth shattering to you.  What is amazing it where it's going [...]

3D Printing2018-08-06T08:21:12-05:00

August 2014

Music Test


At the end of every project if the home owners have a sound system the guys from Get Wired Communications, led by Obe Urdiales crank it up and it signals to us another job winding down.  I shot this video earlier and sent it to the homeowner who was [...]

Music Test2018-08-06T08:57:26-05:00


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