At the end of every project if the home owners have a sound system the guys from Get Wired Communications, led by Obe Urdiales crank it up and it signals to us another job winding down.  I shot this video earlier and sent it to the homeowner who was on vacation to get them fired up.  In the back drop you can see a yet to be stained Walnut wall, and to the right we have a ready for prep 3D Dimensional wall.  The lights that will shine down aren't in yet, but will allow you to set the mood with any color you want and help create a stunning backdrop for when they are entertaining.

Finished product.  We installed the new Philips HUE system of lights, controllable by smart phone and choose any color you want.  The customer was having fun when he sent me the photo but you can gear up for all white, dimmed lights or whatever Holiday or team you support based upon your mood.