Awhile back I said I would keep you updated on the progress of our media room created by CinemaTech out of Dallas.  These pictures may not be flattering at first glance but I promise you this room is going to be sick.  First of all, we using smooth alder and furring everything off the wall to make sure everything is nice and straight, but also so that we will have adequate pockets for the acoustic panels going in.  Prior to the panels being installed, we will sealing off the entire room and staining them through a process that uses conversion varnish.  If you want to know the difference between a conversion varnish and a typical stain job, go look at your dresser or night stand.  Conversion varnish is commonly found on furniture, and we’re doing it on the walls baby!  Nothing but the best here.  It’s already been done, but I want you guys to wait for the next pics so you can see it coming together.  We’re painting the ceiling black, installing light fixtures, putting in theater carpet and an Atmos surround sound system usually only found in theaters that you pay $50 for popcorn and two cokes at.  Check back in and I’ll show you pics down the home stretch.