The Building Process

November 2018

Featured Builder Video


We are extremely excited to be in The Canyons at Scenic Loop. Want to get to know Mattern & FitzGerald a little better? Take a look at this video of Jason Mattern talking about being a featured builder in the Canyons at Scenic Loop. It gives a nice overview of the community and some details [...]

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July 2017

March 2016

The Night Before


These photos are from the night before handing the house over.  Just me there, and dark, so I flipped the lights on to give it one last once over.  When I was in college one of my best friends when he would get serious would say "Kevin, I'm about to turn the [...]

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February 2015

October 2014

Giving Back- Interns


Meet Jacob our intern from UTSA Construction Science program.  Here's a hint, he's the much younger one.  He and I were admiring each other's sunglasses so we switched and took photos of each other just messing around at lunch the other day.  He is so much fun and has a great sense [...]

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Evaluating a builder- It’s 5 o’clock somewhere


I'm sitting in my driveway for 30 minutes with the car on, talking on the phone and I walk in to greet the family, kiss my wife and kids and act normal.  After a moment I see my wife acting a little funny and I say "what's wrong"?  She says back to me, "who [...]

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August 2014

This is Where it Starts


Before you ever start plans you purchase the land.  The lot purchase is such an exciting time because anything is possible.  One of the first key elements we do at Mattern & FitzGerald is assist people to figure out what the best way is to physically place the house on the lot.  We call it [...]

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January 2014

August 2013

Specifications for Custom Building


When building a custom home, there are three things normally required prior to beginning:  Plans Contract Specifications I always tell people that specifications are almost as important, if not more important than the house plans because specifications are what breathes life into the plans.  It tells you what the cabinets will be made of, the [...]

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July 2013

Custom Cabinets


As a builder, you are only as good as your sub contractors.  This guy has a special place in my heart and his name is Mike Swientek, owner of Michael Edwards Custom Cabinetry.  I met Mike about 5 years ago when he was really just getting going in the custom cabinet world.  My what a [...]

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