As a builder, you are only as good as your sub contractors.  This guy has a special place in my heart and his name is Mike Swientek, owner of Michael Edwards Custom Cabinetry.  I met Mike about 5 years ago when he was really just getting going in the custom cabinet world.  My what a difference 5 years makes!  Mike has stormed onto the scene in San Antonio and surrounding areas in terms of his explosive growth.  The biggest reason is he lives, eats and breathes custom cabinets and service.  His enthusiasm for his craft and continual drive for client satisfaction make it a true joy and privilege to witness.  I think at last count Mike told me he had close to 140 employees with shops dedicated to design, fabrication, finishing, installation and warranty service.  That’s very difficult to find under one roof.   It’s amazing to walk around his shop and see the dedicated employees specializing in their respective function.  I shot this photo the other day and it doesn’t do it justice but told him it reminds me of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory with all the people buzzing around.  Go see Mike abut your project and tell him M&F sent you.  His enthusiasm is contagious and you will be better for it.  Now let’s go build something.