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January 2018

September 2017



I heard an architectural comment one time that stuck with me.  It was called "discovering your home as you approach it."  The meaning of that is say you drive up to your home or a friends home, sometimes the house is there front and center, and you size it up immediately.  On this home we are [...]


July 2017

Travertine Pool Deck Topping


This photo was taken from a home we recently finished in Anaqua Springs and I really liked the presentation with the different elements. For example, pools are awesome but I've felt that it can get very concrete heavy with the decking that surrounds it. Here you have a travertine topped porch area, a grass area [...]

Travertine Pool Deck Topping2018-07-14T13:08:08-05:00

September 2014

Fostering Creativity


Sometimes things cost more than you think.  Back in 2010 we were in the Super Bowl of home competitions with this home we presented in the Cresta Bella Parade of Homes.  We were building this for a couple who had a budget and due to the elevation, or height of the pool the concrete decking [...]

Fostering Creativity2018-08-06T08:27:52-05:00

May 2014

Choosing a Tile Roof


Look at this picture closely.  This is our current model home entry and I wanted today to share a little story that was behind the scenes regarding the roof.  First of all, this is a French Country home, so the emphasis is placed on details with respect to the roof and the [...]

Choosing a Tile Roof2018-08-06T09:06:15-05:00

April 2014

Parlez-vous francais?


Oui! In 2009 Mattern & FitzGerald entered their first San Antonio Parade of Homes in TerraMont with an offering that was so counter-intuitive I was nervous.  At the time, there was so much popularity with Tuscan, Hill Country and Mediterranean trends that we risked what people thought of us by putting [...]

Parlez-vous francais?2018-08-06T09:12:16-05:00

March 2014

Simplicity in Architecture


When vacationing for Spring Break I snapped a photo of the entry to Alys Beach, Florida.  Admittedly I had never heard of Alys Beach nor had I been there before.  In short it is an architectural wonder.  From my understanding the residences are mostly second homes to the rich and you are looking at ranges of [...]

Simplicity in Architecture2018-08-06T09:14:26-05:00

November 2013

Using Technology to Enhance Construction Design


I read in a business book once which surveyed successful publicly traded companies that technology should only be used in compliment to traditional methods of service delivery.  I think the underlying concept was that technology can sometimes be confusing and actually cause problems.  Sometimes as builders we know about certain things but are hesitant to [...]

Using Technology to Enhance Construction Design2018-08-06T09:24:15-05:00

June 2013

Adding Design Interest to Your House for Free


If you're like most people and are considering your next project you probably have to honor a budget. That's okay, most of us don't have the last name Trump but that doesn't mean we don't still want our homes to look great. Take a look at this home we built. Although it is a knockout [...]

Adding Design Interest to Your House for Free2018-08-06T12:31:49-05:00

May 2013

House Details


I cant believe it took a few months to get this in but it was worth it. It's called a finial. It's basically a roof top accent that we had to manipulate the attachment piece to make fit on our turret. Yes, it's 100% copper but over time it will slowly patina, or weather and [...]

House Details2018-08-06T12:34:35-05:00


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