I read in a business book once which surveyed successful publicly traded companies that technology should only be used in compliment to traditional methods of service delivery.  I think the underlying concept was that technology can sometimes be confusing and actually cause problems.  Sometimes as builders we know about certain things but are hesitant to implement them because we don’t want to create further issues.  In the past year or two, I have really noticed the mainstream acceptance of LED lights.  LED lights are coming down in price, are offered off the shelf now at Home Depot and Lowes, and are so small they literally attach to a roll of tape that is the size of say electrical tape.  So this thin, energy efficient resource affords another dimension in construction capabilities that can enhance what you’re doing.  I used the light here in a man cave application to illuminate light from behind my cabinets and above them.  To achieve this, we added frosted glass to the cabinets so that the light would diffuse and not be viewable as a bright line running down the center.  Where the crown molding goes above, we laid another strip to wash light up the wall.  Before you say the word “disco tech”, please understand that the benefit to LED lights is with the push of a remote, you have about 20 different color options (including white) and the ability to dim them.  I like blue because it is very easy on your eyes in the dark.  There are others things you can do with this that I can show you over time that we are experimenting with but all you need to make this go is a standard 110V outlet and your imagination.  Best of luck with your lighting project and Let’s go build something.