Stained glass can add timeless character to any home

Never done this before and this picture doesn’t do it justice.  We have a client with a rotunda, which is a circular element that acts as an architectural feature where you once you step inside this space, you can either break right or left directionally.  Sometimes you might see this feature in receiving areas of a home, but in this case it’s just prior to entering the master suite side of the home.  If I had to guess, I would say this feature ceiling height is roughly 20′ tall.  So now think of the inside of an umbrella as you have it open and looking up it.  There are small steel ribs that support the fabric of the umbrella.  This same concept was used when executing this feature.  Our friends at Dominion Iron Doors and Glass created a template and built a steel infrastructure about halfway up the turret, then installed the custom stained glass pieces and the result was stunning.  In addition, the homeowners had us install lighting above the structure that can be dimmed so at night, the beauty of the stained glass can still be appreciated with the flick of a switch.  They also do custom iron doors, leaded glass and other stained glass applications.  For more information contact them at the following web address.