Lots of details that we worry about so you don’t have to.  This is hard to sell or explain to potential clients in a an upfront presentation with on why they should choose you.  Do I tell them how psychotic we are about measurements and that it will save them weeks of frustration?  No, because I would get a deer in the headlights look back at me. These are real live shots of a room and initial frame measurements I took a couple of days ago.  Behind the scenes on this project, we are working with a company out of Dallas called Cinematech.  All they do is media rooms.  They can plan only, or plan and supervise but in this case we are supervising to help our client save money.  You should see the 3D renderings on this bad boy- super strong.  I’ll show you down the road but this is step one- tons of measurements.  Step one took me two trips by the way, one pretty good lengthy one, and a follow up trip to get two more measurements with my dogs on a leash.  That was interesting trying to multi-task with the dogs but that’s another story.  I actually enjoy this step now because I know it will save everyone on the project days and weeks of delays.  In our world we call it “critical path”, the idea that we do now- impacts so many others.  I have to be sharp or I could cause framers, architects, electricians, flooring contractors and cabinetry specialists weeks of delays.  It’s fun but all you need to do is just keep worrying about the end product and leave this minutiae to us:)  Hope you are having a blessed Holiday Season so far.