Ta Da!!!!!   Almost final product but couldn’t wait to share.

Owens Corning acoustic panels, conversion varnish alder walls, columns and trim, bar and mini kitchen, Control 4 lighting package, custom leather chairs with LED lighting, custom black theater fabric behind screen and hidden door to equipment.  Couple this with 4K theater screen, Kaleidoscope movie jukebox and Atmos sound system and why leave?  Homeowner calls me Friday night fired up to come over so I ran over there and we sat in the chair and just soaked it all in.  It was so awesome.  If I had to guess, we probably spent all in for everything you see here about $45,000 including room outfitting and equipment.  So I know this isn’t for everyone but if you have the means then you deserve a room like this!  This was a first for us at the level to do but so glad to have had the opportunity to collaborate and get it done.  Enjoy the photos.