When you are adding stone to a wall, be it inside or out; there is a trick you can do to add just a little more interest if it makes sense for the spot you choose.  You can either add select stones of same species or metal plates like we did here on this dining wall.  The goal is to make certain areas jut out from the flat part of the wall so you can place things on them.  We’ve done this on courtyard walls and interior walls.  There’s no shortage of applications but trust me when the sun goes down and you get the glow of randomly placed candles (batteries or real) it transforms the area.  You can remove them once finished and if your jut outs are rock then it kind of fades away, if it’s plates like we have here then the objects can be more of a permanent part of the decor.  Since it’s stacked stone here though you can always simply just pull the plates out.  Be creative and make a killer space for you and your family and let’s go build something.