Over the years I have come to prefer mixing materials when the budget allows for an outdoor pool and patio space.  If you have a concrete patio, and a concrete pool deck it can look great but there are options available if you want to mix materials.  In the past we have used wood decks, but honestly the maintenance and upkeep when mixed with the water can be somewhat costly and frequent.  Pictured here is an outdoor covered patio with pool feature not in the picture.  We added this artificial turf here as a material break between concrete and pool deck.  I am really surprised that more folks aren’t trying artificial turf as it has come a long way.  This turf actually has a thatch layer at the base, which adds to the realness and the best part is you don’t have to worry about watering or weed eating.  It also features perforated holes at the bottom, so it is pet and rain -friendly.  This turf was purchased at Costco, and it is a little expensive initially but the long term maintenance and upkeep is a bonus.  We were going to do the entire lawn but last minute got a little nervous on what the home owners might say since it’s a little progressive but I am glad we did it and it’s both interesting and useful to look at and enjoy.  All this requires for maintenance is occasional brushing and watering to rinse of any unwanted dirt or dust but other than that not much.  It can get a little hot in direct sun, but you can wet it down a little or wait for the sun to drop.