For Spring Break the family and I traveled to Dallas to see some friends.  It was rainy weather but was still nice to relax with the kids and wife.  On our way home our friends wanted to take me by this new elevated park that I believe rests above Stemmons Freeway levitated in the air. Keep in mind there are like 8 lanes of traffic racing below these photos, it’s an amazing display of engineering.  Despite the rough weather it was packed with people.  Dallas is so cutting edge with architecture and concepts it’s really fun for me to just appreciate it and get a feel for potential trends.  Usually when I see a busy freeway I don’t think “you know, that would be a perfect place for a park” but someone did.  That’s what never ceases to amaze me there is always a creative way to take advantage of a site in a manner that no one else has thought of.  Usually, some of the more radical ideas can sometimes turn out to be the best.  At Mattern and FitzGerald I always tell people up front that your home for us will be a “one and done” meaning we will never build anything quite like it again.  Our philosophy is to honor your lot, your family’s needs and bring something really special to the table with the help of you and the design team.  No matter how long I do this I still get inspired with collaborative efforts by all.  Happy March Madness.