See the dude in the passenger seat with white knuckles?  That’s me.  This young stud driving is my oldest son fresh off the heels of his learners permit.  That 10′ or so backing out of the garage just to that point seemed like an eternity  to say the least.  I think the RPM’s got up as high as I’ve ever seen them, and you can see the rear view mirror is pushed in because he got close to hitting the garage door column.  Oh well, I’m a builder I guess I can fix it.  It seems like just yesterday that I was running top speed behind his bike when he broke away for the first time and hit his stride.  Soon, I’m sure the truck RPM’s will get down to manageable and he’ll be driving around town instead of around the neighborhood where I can keep my eyes on him.  You parents know what I’m talking about, this is one of the toughest things we go through sometimes.  There’s a realization that you are getting older, and the other shocking epiphany I had this morning that your time of direct influence is almost up.  I’m praying both for you and for me that we did the best we could, and that they leave knowing we love them and carry that with them the rest of their days.  I hope you are enjoying your kids to the fullest, as my wife and I have.  I also hope that you are passing on your family legacy and values;  It’s an awesome responsibility isn’t it?  God Bless your family and the children we are fortunate enough to raise.