Every now and again we have clients that write scriptures on the ground, or on the framing of their homes.  We even have home owners that have more formal engagements with their family and pastor present such as the photo attached here.   As a builder our profession can be judged very harshly because it is one of the few services that I know of where you assemble a product right in front of someone.  So there is a lot of comforting that goes on by us, or difficult conversations can sometimes occur when a drawn plan just can’t be executed a certain way due to the engineering of a home, etc.  There are however great moments like these.  Times where you get to observe the satisfaction and just sheer importance of being the hand that assembles a family’s dream.  They are reminders to those of us in the business that there is nothing quite like home ownership that stirs up such passion.  As a side note, it is also of equal importance to honor your faith and understand why we are all building our homes in the first place.  They are vehicles to honor God, be a place of refuge and solace after a difficult day and most importantly places to provide shelter and care for family and others.  If you are blessed enough to have a roof over your head, let’s all be thankful for that (myself included) and remember that it’s the people in the home that matter most, as well as where the true credit goes for that blessing.  “Thank you Father for the honor and blessing of being a home builder.  I pray for my path as a builder not to be perfect, but rather for my intentions and honor to be.’ ‘ Please lift up my staff, and help me to fulfill my homeowners dreams to the best of my ability, and help me to be a source of comfort and strength to them when they feel stress.”In your name I pray Lord, amen.”