This was fun.  It took a while, but fun and worth it.  The original idea was to have a party garage where I could hang out and watch the kids play in the driveway, then like most things got a little carried away.  I did get some help, with the floors and framing- but everything else I did on my own.  The key to starting a project like this is to have a plan, a budget and milestones to hit so it doesn’t drag out.  Guess what, I followed the plan, but didn’t take my own advice on the other two!  My wife was so mad and kept asking when I was going to be finished and I just kept stalling out for some reason.  The end product is a blast though.  We play ping pong in there, watch shows, and of course tinker around as an amateur handyman once in a while.  It’s not perfect but just wanted to share with you the fun you can have with non-descript areas at your place.