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October 2016

Using technology to help serve better


Back when the rains were heavy earlier this year we literally spent 25% of our time responding to water overwhelming aspects of construction that aren't equipped to handle certain flows of water in a shortened amount of time.  These photos are of a real live trouble shooting that we did to determine [...]

Using technology to help serve better2018-08-06T07:41:50-05:00

March 2016

The Night Before


These photos are from the night before handing the house over.  Just me there, and dark, so I flipped the lights on to give it one last once over.  When I was in college one of my best friends when he would get serious would say "Kevin, I'm about to turn the [...]

The Night Before2018-08-06T07:47:47-05:00

December 2015

Merry Christmas


Arms of Hope recently stopped by to collect gifts for disadvantaged youth.  It was fun to give away toys to such a worthy cause, and the best part is we'll never know who is on the receiving end.   That's what makes giving so great, expecting nothing in return.   All of [...]

Merry Christmas2018-08-06T07:54:10-05:00

October 2015

July 2015

Flagstone Turned Sideways


Haven't done this before.  By this I mean the rock treatment you see here.  Sidebar, I love this photo don't you?  What you are looking at is a painstaking process where we took a flagstone Oklahoma blend stone, all very thinly cut and flipped them horizontally in a dry stack pattern.  Dry stacking is an [...]

Flagstone Turned Sideways2018-08-06T08:05:01-05:00

May 2015

Passing it On


See the dude in the passenger seat with white knuckles?  That's me.  This young stud driving is my oldest son fresh off the heels of his learners permit.  That 10' or so backing out of the garage just to that point seemed like an eternity  to say the least.  I think the RPM's got up [...]

Passing it On2018-08-06T08:08:06-05:00

April 2015

Setting up a Driveway


Never underestimate the importance of a driveway.  Here is a shot of a recent driveway setup just prior to pour and I want to give you just a few tips to think about because it can make a big difference on your family's experience. Slope- calculated by rise over run.  Simply take the the height [...]

Setting up a Driveway2018-08-06T08:10:22-05:00

March 2015

February 2015

What is Your Ministry?


The Purpose Driven Life ranks personally for me today as still one of the most impactful studies on Christianity I have ever done.  Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church has such a gift and an ease by which he explains things that it just made sense to me.  One of the things [...]

What is Your Ministry?2018-08-06T08:19:10-05:00


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