Meet Noah.  He’s just 13 weeks young but getting ready for the journey filled with reward and meaningful contribution.  Noah will assist our latest client, PAWS for Purple Hearts  PAWS has a fascinating mission, they are dedicated to improving the lives of America’s Warriors facing mobility challenges and trauma related conditions such as PTSD and TBI by providing the highest quality service dogs and canine assisted therapeutic programs.  Their mission originated 11 years ago, and they have had successful growth and outreach ever since.  We were blessed enough to team with PAWS and Kelly Air Force Base to convert a dated, unused cafeteria and repurpose approximately 10,000 square feet for dogs and humans alike.  There will be classrooms, offices, kennels and collaboration spaces unparalelled in San Antonio.  Shoot, when we first walked the space, one of the directors taught the accompanying dog how to get itself a drink of water from the human enabled water fountain in about 20 seconds!  At M&F we get to do all kind of wonderful residential and commercial projects, but this was the first time to witness the joy in the eyes of our canine friends upon receiving their new home.  Stop by and visit PAWS if you get a chance, it’s a wonderful mission.  They are located at 202 Red Horse Lane, at Kelly Air Force Base.